Whether you intend to sell your current home shortly or plan to stay for the longer term, you should do whatever you can to improve its value. After all, it’s one of your biggest assets, and you’ll want to look after your investment as long as possible while creating a good impression for prospective buyers. As the roof is one of the most prominent and largest parts of the structure, it makes sense to focus here first. Why is this such a good idea?

The Case for Roof Painting

There are many reasons you should give your roof a fresh coat of paint, and this effort can certainly help add value going forward.

Adding a Line of Defence

As the weeks and months go by, your home is subject to a continual onslaught from wind, sunlight, rain or snow. While it may be well made and feature high-quality materials, it will nevertheless degrade due to wear and tear and will not look as good now as it did when first constructed. Your roof is certainly front and centre when it comes to this onslaught, and its colour will fade over time, even though you may not notice it.

Improving Curb Appeal

A prospective buyer will certainly pay attention to your roof when they first arrive for inspection. It’ll be prominent when it comes to creating that crucial first impression, also known in the industry as ‘curb appeal’. If you work with roof painters in Sydney to give the roof a fresh coat, it’s a great way to show that you care and transform the exterior of the house in short order.

Enhancing Lender Value

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When your home is up for sale, prospective buyers may express interest. They may then turn to their lending institution to see if they can qualify for the right amount of money. These institutions may send their own independent valuer to take a look, and they may not be as generous in their estimation if you have a tired-looking roof. Therefore, consider this when sprucing up your property. Encourage those lenders to sharpen their pencils, and you may get a higher offer from a prospect.

Saving Energy

If you want to keep your energy bills in check in the meantime, think about adding a lighter shade of paint to your roof. This will help to deflect a lot of the sun’s energy during those hot summer months, cutting down on your overall energy bill.

Chasing Longevity

You’ll want to avoid spending too much on roof repairs as time goes by and will certainly want to keep your current installation rather than replace it entirely. For longer life, paint your roof as soon as possible. This will help to give it an added layer of protection.


Roof Painting Sydney

Is your roof as waterproof as it could be? Certainly, much of this will come down to materials and good installation, but you should add a new coat of paint as well. This may help reduce moss, mould or lichen, especially in areas that do not see as much sun. If you avoid this infestation, you may also avert decay problems between tiles or shingles.

Using the Right Materials

As you can see, roof painting is a shrewd investment, but always ensure that you use the correct type of paint for your roof. Ask your contractor if they use premium-quality paints or if they are a Dulux accredited painter.

Turning to the Experts

Upscale Painting and Decorating is one of the most experienced master painters in the Sydney area. We have a team of 15 qualified and professional commercial or residential painters with at least 10 years of experience in the industry. We’re waiting to give your roof a fresh coat of paint and will be able to start the job promptly. We’ll also guarantee our workmanship as we help transform your home and add crucial dollars to its value. Get in touch with Upscale Painting and Decorating today.